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Short recap… See you next friday!

Sunday, June 29th, 2014

Cheers to the lovely people who came to our gig last night at Mundwerk Club in Zurich-Oerlikon! You made us feel good: Cool skanking, dancing and singing along – not only in the first row! Some pogo and head banging have been reported too. Rock on ladies and gents, you certainly were a cool crowd!

Thanks to everybody involved at Mundwerk: Sound, light and food guys and so on and so forth that took care of us.

Next gig? Next Friday!

PS If you have a picture or two of the gig – contact us.

Next Gig on Saturday – New Pictures Published

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

After our gig with Oferta Especial from Madrid (Spain) we are looking forward to rock Mundwerk Kulturbiotop in Zurich-Oerlikon (Dörflistrasse 76, 8050 Zürich) next Saturday. We will close the evening and push the pedal to the metal for you.

We have fond memories of our last show there. It is the next big venue next to the Hallenstadion – well, sort of… Also on the bill: Les Bon Vivants & The Tackers. See you there. Never forget: There is more than one reason to rock and roll all nite and party every day!

Check out our Gallery for new pictures of our record release party last month and get a glimpse of the energy if you missed the show.

A short recap of the release party – and new gigs announced!

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

What a night it was! We would like to thank each and every one of you who partied with us last Friday in Zurich. Mighty cheers to the staff at Mascotte Club with Profi, thanks to the sound & light techs! It is always great fun to rock this famous stage in this well known venue.

According to your reactions you liked our performance and the new songs: big smiles on our more or less beautiful faces (you decide…). Lots of you picked up the new CD TWO FACES that was baptized in whisky that night – thank you. If you missed to buy one and would like to rock the summer, drop us a mail an we will work something out.

It was cool to see familiar faces, old friends and new good looking lovers. Without you there is no show! A lot of CDs have been signed, a lot of drinks enjoyed – we hope you are all back from the dead by now.

We will support Oferta Especial from Madrid (Spain) next Saturday at Langstars Zurich (Langstrasse 120, 8004 Zürich). It is going to be a cosy venue, so if you want to take a closer look, meet us there!

And once again we will rock Mundwerk Kulturbiotop in Zurich-Oerlikon (Dörflistrasse 76, 8050 Zürich) on the 28th of June. Also on the bill: Les Bon Vivants & The Tackers. Be there or be sorry. Nice club, cool people and good music!

See you!

TWO FACES to be released – record release party at MASCOTTE on the 30th of May

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Alright people! You wanted the best, you’ll get the best news right here, right now: We’ll celebrate our new record TWO FACES on Friday, the 30th of May with a big RECORD RELEASE PARTY at MASCOTTE. There was no question that the place to celebrate at would be this famous venue in Zurich. Samy Davis Jr. played there, Mötley Crüe partied on this hollow ground like there’s no tomorrow and now it’s time for PUEBLO CRIMINAL to return to our favourite club. As some of you might remember: It’s our second record release party at MASCOTTE, we won the toughest music contest there and it feels to us like home away from home. No excuses, your presence is requested!

Yeah, that means, it’s done: We’re holding the mastered version of our second album TWO FACES in our hands. What a great moment. 12 Songs are ready for you. Recorded with audio tech Clemens Kuster (Second Sense) at PUEBLO STUDIOS, mixed and mastered by Ska-P-producer Tony López and sound tech Rubén Suárez at RED LED STUDIOS in Madrid (no additional name dropping here). It’ll blow you away. It’s what you expect from us and even more!

Tickets are available NOW through STARTICKET

Are you proud, Mary?

Friday, January 10th, 2014

First of all: happy new year, folks!!!

We have just finished the recordings for our new album, which is to be released soon! At the moment, Tony and Rubén are mixing and mastering the tracks at the Red Led Studios in Madrid at full throttle. We are eagerly waiting for the glass master!

On Tuesday, 28th of January, Pueblo again at last rocks the legendary club Mascotte in Zurich at the 7th Band-Cover-Contest together with 14 other bands, proudly presented by Karaoke From Hell! It’s not just about fun, but also about fame, of course beer and the world most famous skull! Each band plays a cover song. The fucking loudest applaused wins the contest. So, we need your support and count on you!!!

Mascotte Coversong Contest 2014 - Flyer - 28.01.2014 - PUEBLO CRIMINAL

Yalla, Yalla, what else!?

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

On the 3rd of August, Pueblo rocked the horse ranch close to the German Bad Wörishofen. The people were very friendly and took care about us in all respects, gracias! Hope, you got the expected donation for your great project. See you, guys and yalla-yalla!!!

Yalla Yalla or what?

Monday, July 29th, 2013

The next out-of-studio-gig is coming very soon at Yalla Yalla Sommerfest in Bad Wörishofen, Germany, on the 3rd of August. Check out, what the non profit organization Yalla Yalla achieves!

We’re very pleased to be a part of this great festival! See you there, folks!

Yalla Yalla Sommerfest 2013 - Flyer Front - 03.08.2013 - PUEBLO CRIMINAL Yalla Yalla Sommerfest 2013 - Flyer Back - 03.08.2013 - PUEBLO CRIMINAL

Alright, you Beavis and Butt-heads!

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

The winds have just finished recording the songs. And litres of energy drinks, tons of more or less healthy food and a cigarette or two for that matter. And strawberries. Let’s not start with the story about the banana… For a live recording three-piece that was only able to meet on weekends it was an intense period. But we’ve had a great time together in the studio. Let’s see: One of us almost killed a mouse, one laughed till the tears came running down and the last one was cool & hot as usual. No joking.

You wanted the best – and we certainly tried to give it!

Chaos A. D.!!!

Monday, July 15th, 2013

Last Saturday, on the 6th, not 4th of July, we rocked the fucking Antira Winterthur. As it was organized by St. Pauli and Bierkurve Winterthur, we got a lot of beer obviously and some Falafel, of course! It was a great evening with nice people!

Especially, we´d like to thank to the soundman, who was so kind proving his skills that spontaneously! Great job, thanks a lot!

See you in Hamburg next time and rock that fucking shit!!!

10 (2) Heissa hossa! 13 (2) Huh yeah!

More pics

Reign in blood at Rattenfest 2013!

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

Thank you guys for your great support at Rattenfest 2013 at late hour in Rapperswil-Jona! Despite some problems with bleeding fingers, wrong inear transmitter and so on, it was a cool evening! Especially we’d like to thank the HSR-crew for their great help and organization!!!
4 (2) HSR rocks!!! 7 (2) Pueblitoooooos!!!
More pics